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i hope you guys enjoy my art and uhh new stuff, yes i suck at drawing , im only good at making MMD pictures, ; ^ ; but its fun to make and do , so i hope you guys like it, its really nice that people actually fave my stuff >//<!


Have Fun Watching My Fave xD , lol but really i adore what i fave C:
They're new music video just show so much satanic symbolism and its very disturbing..I mean like what the fuck? They are kids on the internet >~> its must up..but hey I am not surprised that they would do that. Why? Well because they don't care if kids see actual sex on they're crap of music's gonna bring allot of trouble with allot of people and kids who watch that I feel bad for they're eyes for watching that stuff its just major disturbing and wrong. Hopefully they take it down or do something..I hope they ban that video grumpy worker - now a PLZ , I used to like them but that was like years back but now I don't.

So how was everyone's day? Was it better? Also! I noticed that well..I am not active much and have been responding super late on my emails on here and other places I have accounts on...I feel so damn..ugh like doo doo..sorry everyone Silica (Crying) [V1] ...I just don't have internet no more only my mom's computer does..and I get kicked out from the computer from my older brother..*sigh*...I feel like I am being left out on many stuff..I think that's what is making me feel..sad..and alone.

Feeling: Komari Kamikita (Sad) [V2]

Watching: Nothing

Listening: Maroon 5 Payphone..I may say I hate them but this song is the only one I actually love..was being a hypocrite well forgot to mention it..yep

Reading: Nothing

Working on: MMD..might uh do something fun?


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No..Just uh nope..e n e"
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United States
I'm little of a goth fan i love to dress like them. I'm also a tomboy sorta? I am just a regular otaku/ little one growing up changed my fan for anime and all that. And i love any kind of anime except hentai and smut or anything that has to do with porn okay. I am sweet but sometimes sour as an apple I don't judge people by their looks. I only like to stay sweet and nice not mean I don't like to be rude with people's only if they are rude to me first or back. Plus I Know about all the Illuminati crap i do support the haters against the Illuminati. I'm one of those peoples who hate singers and celebrities of what they do to those innocent and not. I don't like being a douche-bag to people. I like to defend other's, people deal with it. May light be on your heart, may the darkness stay away i mean it or you will be consumed by the darkness ._." no one is perfect okay :/ Anonymous we do not forget we not forgive expect us , I am also an activist . I do not and will never love shota , lolicon nor people who support a pedophilia couple like for example ciel x Sebastian no , get your little sick ass shota and yaoi couple out of my face. I do support gay's and lesbians , and them having the right to be married! If you do not know what shota means her it means attraction to young boys/little boys. Lolicon is considered a neologism.

Which means:

1.The sexual attraction to young girls

2. An individual fixated on young girls, particularly those below the age of consent.

3. Erotic art depicting females below the age of consent.

Lolicon, also romanized as rorikon, is a slang portmanteau of the phrase "Lolita complex".[1][2] In Japan, the term describes an attraction to young girls,[3] or an individual with such an attraction.[4][5] Outside Japan, the term is less common and most often refers to a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female characters are depicted in an erotic manner. The phrase is a reference to Vladimir Nabokov's book, Lolita, in which a middle-aged man becomes sexually obsessed with a 12-year-old girl.[6] The equivalent term for attraction to (or art pertaining to erotic portrayal of) young boys is shotacon.

Some critics claim that the lolicon genre contributes to actual sexual abuse of children,[7][8] while others claim that there is no evidence for this,[9][8] or that there is evidence to the contrary.[10] Several countries have attempted to criminalize lolicon's sexually explicit forms as a type of child pornography. Canada, Norway and Sweden have so far succeeded in doing this

That is what it really means people get it memorized!

:iconcolourfulsketches: :iconadventuretimeclub: :iconichihimeclub:
:iconnaruhina--sasusaku: Kindall Stamp by lizoftheinvaderzim Anti ShadowxMaria Stamp by Crimson-Fur52 Anti Hatter X Alice by XxAbbiTheBandicootxX
Ugh... by 1GoYoshiGo1 Anti-Poke Porn Stamp by KittyPerson101 Sex with animals is wrong by Galaxu BUTT ITZ TEH INTERNETZ!! by JigglypuffStamps Because It's true. by epicChamoo No Pony-Porno by World-Hero21 Anonymous Stamp by FantasyStock RinLen Stamp by xKyokoNekox
Anti Len x Miku stamp :) Redone by ColorizeTheWorld Anti Neru X Len - Stamp by Peachy-Pink10 Anti Miku x Kaito stamp by CastleUnderTheMoon Anti Incest Stamp by lady-warrior
Anti-incest STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff Anti-Incest+Twincest Stamp by Nijihamu-can +STAMP+ Anti KiyoteruxYuki by aerendyll +STAMP+ Anti KaitoxLen by aerendyll .:Gakupo X Luka Stamp:. by Angeru-chan Stamp #4 Gakupo x Luka by xCreationsGothicNyu Miku X Mikuo Stamp by Shichi-4134 4ever MarceLee - Stamp by ClaudiaVBM ANTI-FINNCELINE 2 by tlick6022 Fionna x Gumball Fanclub Stamp by Pippa6100 Pedo Pairings Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Smile Pretty Cure Stamp by ChibiGaia Precure Stamp by Pimmy Original Shippings stamp by AwesomeStamps Inuyasha x Kagome Stamp by Alonely Shinichi x Ran Stamp by Alonely I still love Dragonball stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Powerpuff Girls Stamp by dn-revenge Dexter Laboratory Stamp by dn-revenge Powerpuff Girls Z Stamp 2 by MaeIHaveSomePepsi
:icononigiri-list: :icongonnafly: :iconshadamyexterminaters: :iconanti-miku-fc: Anonymous Stamp by FantasyStock Anti Miley Cyrus icon by Zelyn-Chan CielxLizzy Stamp by SnowCocoa .:. Anti Bubbline .:. by Rise-Of-Majora Anti NaruSaku Stamp by GriffSGirl Anti-SasuKarin -v2- by DoctorMLoli stamp anti narusasu by naruhinabrazil Anti-SasuHina Stamp by Boxy-Izzy-Stamps NejiTen Stamp by neopuff ShikaIno Fan..x by Shika4InoFanclub Anti ShikaTema stamp by Dchan18 PT Stamp: FakirxRue by shifaikia Ahiru X Mytho by atnezau Batman X Catwoman stamp by EvilMaybe Akito x Sana STAMP by KyubiKen Kishigo stamp by Iloveyoukisshu TarutoxPudding stamp by MooFrog44 PaixLettuce stamp by MooFrog44 (Request) Anti MintoXZakuro Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 PS : RoyalFrost by AngelicHellraiser Yuri x Hippo Stamp by SweetCandyCupkake stamp mermaid melody by SaKuRiMo0n LuciaxKaito Stamp by SugerBubbles Not another anti-shota stamp by Froda-Stoney MMPPP animated stamp 003 by hanakt CCS stamp - Sakura 19 by hanakt CCS stamp - Sakura Shaoran 03 by hanakt I love Kodocha by Fallen-Ashes Yukiru Stamp by loveanime fruits basket - STAMP by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX anti amuto stamp by StrawberryLatte SC pixel stamp by StrawberryLatte Tadamu by DianaCC milk by StrawberryLatte Ice Cream by StrawberryLatte Wonder Party by StrawberryLatte ApolloxSilvia Stamp by Miharu-san Stamp Jin X Yunoha by HaruNatsu1997 Fate by kuroshiro05 GET YOUR GLITTER OFF ME by RS-Kyra No Swift by RS-Kyra Anti Shadouge stamp by Dreamcasts .:Stamp_Sonamy_Boom:. by Niko-Nikoole

:iconpurple-hplz: :iconpurple-iplz: Not another anti-shota stamp by Froda-Stoney

:iconall-before-bedtime: :iconeverafterhigh: :iconmonsterhigh:

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:iconpurple-fplz::iconpurple-lplz::iconpurple-aplz::iconpurple-mplz::iconpurple-eplz::iconpurple-pplz::iconpurple-rplz::iconpurple-iplz::iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-cplz::iconpurple-eplz::iconpurple-splz: :iconaskfp::iconpeanutarmagedon:
:iconpurple-fplz::iconpurple-iplz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-aplz: :iconpurple-xplz:
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:iconpurple-mplz::iconpurple-aplz::iconpurple-rplz::iconpurple-cplz::iconpurple-yplz: :iconpurple-xplz: :iconpurple-lplz::iconpurple-eplz::iconpurple-eplz:
:iconniallhoran-spotatoes: :iconsaldane:




Winx Tecna by slimmmeiske2 Casual Tecna by slimmmeiske2 Winx Stella by slimmmeiske2 Casual Stella by slimmmeiske2
Winx Musa by slimmmeiske2 Casual Musa by slimmmeiske2 |FREEICON| Sweet Fairy Bloom by Ennyri Casual Bloom by slimmmeiske2

Finn Pixel by natto-uzumaki:iconloveheartplz: by loveheartplz Princess Bubblegum Pixel by natto-uzumaki

Finn Pixel by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Flame Princess Pixel by natto-uzumaki

Lee gif by natto-uzumaki :iconloveheartplz: by loveheartplz Marceline gif by natto-uzumaki

Marceline gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Bubblegum gif by natto-uzumaki

Bubblegum gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Lee gif by natto-uzumaki

Lee gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Gumball gif by natto-uzumaki

13 Princess Bubblegum gif by natto-uzumaki :iconloveheartplz: by loveheartplz Finn gif by natto-uzumaki

Fionna gif by natto-uzumaki :iconloveheartplz: by loveheartplz Gumball gif by natto-uzumaki

Lumpy Space Princess gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Finn gif by natto-uzumaki

Fionna gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Lee gif by natto-uzumaki

Bubblegum gif by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Gumball gif by natto-uzumaki

Fionna without hat gif ( 50x50 icon ) by natto-uzumaki Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Finn gif by natto-uzumaki

pixel fp by Cherry-Cakes :iconloveheartplz: by loveheartplz Fionna pixel by natto-uzumaki

Free Icon: Lumpy Space Prince by SinfullyCute Broken Heart Emote by Mirz123 Fionna Icon by IFuckingHateDallas << creator for this icon was IFuckingHateDallas with a star at the end.

Lady Rainicorn human gif by natto-uzumaki and Breakfast Princess gif by natto-uzumaki FRIENDS :3

Flame Princess gif by natto-uzumaki and Cotton Candy Princess gif by natto-uzumaki << HER NAME IS COTTON CANDY PRINCESS , HER AND FLAME PRINCESS ARE FRIENDS!! :3 lol caps lock

Candyyyyyyy by natto-uzumaki and Strawberryyyy by natto-uzumaki SISTERS ONLY! also the one who made the adventure time cute lil pixels and picutres with movement whatever its called sorry , it was made by natto-uzumaki << Credit her no me i did not make these cute lil adventure time thing kay C:

Princess Bubblegum Icon (Free) by eo21 ::Free icon - Ariel:: by Mimru ::Free icon - Alice:: by Mimru ::Free icon - Black Rock Shooter:: by Mimru

:::Free icon: Sailor Moon - Serenity::. by Mimru Free Icon - Little Red Riding Hood by tokkisu Little Pixel Yami by tokkisu Free Icon: Korra by MzMegs Free Icons: Makorra by MzMegs Free Icon: Skyward ZeLink by MzMegs Ice Queen Icon by LilMissSunBear :Free: Lumping DA Avatar by Apeliotus Beemo icon by Silly-Peach Free Lady Rainicorn Icon by Picklecheesepie Gunter stop that. .:Free Ice King Pixel icon:. by Down-to-2nd-reality Free Jake icon by exjuice
Sugar and spice Stamp by Mel-Rosey Boomer Pixel Art by Prodocaster Brick Pixel Art by Prodocaster Butch Pixel Art by Prodocaster
Chibi Buttercup - free avatar by YokoKinawa Chibi Blossom - free avatar by YokoKinawa Chibi Bubbles - free avatar by YokoKinawa Chibi Bell y Gir- free avatar by YokoKinawa
Gir music avatar by Bloodreign96 Pixel Zim by InvaderMax Pixel Dib by InvaderMax Pixel Gaz by InvaderMax Pixel MiniMoose by InvaderMax


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